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Biobank lecture NKS (in english)



Stockholm medical biobank invites you to a lecture on what to consider when you want to perform research using biobank samples. The lecture is aimed to those who work with biobank samples, for example a researcher or personnel in healthcare.


Which samples are considered biobank samples?
What is required to comply with the Biobank Act?
How do you apply for a sample collection agreement before using biobank samples within Region Stockholm?
How do you get access to biobank samples collected in healthcare?
SMB's support for research such as healthcare integrated biobanking, IT support and upcoming news.


Max 40 participants. The lecture is free. To register enter your name and e-mail below.

NKS, Bioclinicum, Solnavägen 30

Lecture room: Kerstin Hagenfeldt


Registration biobank lecture 10 april