How to apply for laboratory services for research

To utilize laboratory services at Karolinska University Hospital for research purposes, a service agreement is required. In 6 steps we describe the process of applying for a service agreement at Biobank and Study Support, and what you need to take into consideration.

Step 1: Fill in the application form

Start by submitting a request to A study coordinator will send you an application form. Next, fill in the application form and send to the above-mentioned e-mail address. Make sure to attach any relevant appendix for your application.

For your information:

Applications can be submitted at any time, however, the service agreements cannot be approved prior ethical approval and potential biobank agreements are in place.

Step 2: We validate your application

A study coordinator validates your application, to ensure the services requested are offered by the laboratory, and required documentation is available to initiate your study.

If anything is missing, you will be asked to submit additional information.

Step 3: Approval by the Medical department(s)

An initial plan for your study will be established by a study coordinator in collaboration with you. The study plan will be sent to the concerned Medical departments within the laboratory for their approval.

If your application is denied, a study coordinator inform you about this decision.

Step 4: Establishing a service agreement

When the study plan is approved internally, a service agreement can be established.

Signatures are made electronically through Scrive web service. If needed wet-ink signatures can be offered as well.

You will receive a copy of the signed service agreement by e-mail or mail.

Step 5: Before starting your study

When an agreement is signed by all partners, a study coordinator will make sure required conditions are met for the services agreed on, such as “studiekombika”, remittance and potential IT-adjustments for orders and response etc.

During this period, we will have a close dialogue with you, to create the best possible conditions for your study and make sure everything is prepared before the start of your study.

Step 6: Study start

You may start your study on the agreed date once all required conditions have been met.

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